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In this section you can access the recordings of past webinars.

We host regular webinars and if you would like the opportunity to take part in our live sessions visit the events and webinars section and look for 'online events' to sign up.

Past webinars: CHAMPS2 - Promoting Successful Business Transformation
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APMG hosted a CHAMPS2 webinar on Promoting Successful Business Transformation on 15 February 2012.

You can access a recording of the 35 minute session, which was presented by Elena Martin, one of the method's original authors.

The webinar introduced the key features of CHAMPS2 and the significant benefits that can be realised when applied to business change initiatives of any scale.

You'll need to register on the APMG website to view the webinar recording at

You can also download the presentation slides.

Past webinars: Getting Started With CHAMPS2

For those of you who could not attend we recorded the webinar which you can access via the links here below.

In this webinar you will see how CHAMPS2 creates a detailed journey from setting the Vision to achieving Outcomes and realising Benefits and how the method highlights the components of process, organisation, and technology change.

During the 25 minute presentation you will learn:

  • How has the CHAMPS2 method can support you in business transformation
  • The background and strucutre of the method?
  • How to get started on CHAMPS2

You can either play the webinar directly from our website or you can download it and view it later.

Play the webinar webinar_download



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