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Public Services Outsourcing Event
Wednesday 30 June 2010, 09:00 - 17:00

24 June CHAMPS2 is participating in the Public Services Outsourcing Event at Barbican Conference Centre, London

CHAMPS2 During the last 25 years outsourcing has become an increasingly important means of delivering public sector services. Following the general election, it is expected to be given a much greater boost, with a presumption that outsourcing will become the normal means to deliver public services. This will have a profound impact on the public sector, which will move more towards a commissioning and procurement management model.

All parts of the public sector will be affected. It is only a matter of time before whole organisations are outsourced and we find chief executives employed by outsourcing companies. It is only a small step from the increasing use of private sector secondments in Whitehall to formal outsourcing contracts to develop and manage critical policy areas. Industry is gearing up to take advantage of the opportunities and many new players are entering the market.

There is a fee to register for the event, click here to learn more

Location Barbican Conference Centre, London


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