CHAMPS2 Business Change Method

CHAMPS2 is a vision led, benefits driven business transformation method which is broad in scope and encompasses the whole business change journey. It helps you define your organisation's strategic needs, and then provides a tailored route to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.

What can CHAMPS2 do for you?

  • Reduce risk and cost by providing clear guidance, tools and techniques
  • Provide a common language for programme teams and stakeholder across all change initiatives
  • Deliver tailored methods to fit all sizes of projects or programmes
  • Give leadership control through comprehensive gateway processes
  • Build internal change management capability within your organisation.

Where should you start?

  • If you are new to CHAMPS2, read the White Paper introducing CHAMPS2 (PDF: new version November 2012)
  • The CHAMPS2 overview explains the approach and eight phases
  • For the full business transformation method, complete a free registration and then go to the process guide in our Knowledge Centre
  • The CHAMPS2 Book is available from APMG-Business Books and other online book retailers (ISBN 9780117068674).
Via this website you can, free of charge, access the complete CHAMPS2 business change process including the method support documents and templates and various learning tools. 

Please note, that registration is required to access the content in the Knowledge Centre and CHAMPS2 Community sections.

Sign up for CHAMPS2Register here or visit Sign Up for CHAMPS2  to learn more.

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