The CHAMPS2 Method

CHAMPS2 Resoruces

Here you'll find online resources to help you find out more about CHAMPS2, to get started with the method and to use it for business change.

The introductory CHAMPS2 Overview is the best place to begin.

Then move on to the short e-learning courses which are aimed at people new to the method.

The Full Method takes you to our knowledge centre. This contains the entire step-by-step CHAMPS2 approach presented in different ways to suit your needs. Resources here include complete guidance, a visual map of every step and downloadable documents ready for you to use - including templates and "how to" guides. This provides everything you need to use CHAMPS2 in your day-to-day work.

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CHAMPS2 Events

From time to time the CHAMPS2 team take part in trade fairs and seminars across the UK and you can meet us there to find out more too. We keep the online event calendar up-to-date so you can see where we'll be.

You can also use our event calendar to find out more about our online workshops and seminars. If you sign up for the free CHAMPS2 membership you can use the event pages to register for our online events.


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